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Product Name:Singapore logistics line
Product Category: International shipping DDP line
Starting point:義烏 廣州
DDU shipping
   【Service port】 :YiWu ,Ningbo,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Xinmen,,Qingdao and Tianjin to Singapore,FCL and LCL to door special line service.
   【Shipping goods】 : Toy ,commodity,clothing,hardware, furniture ect.
   【Document required】: packing list ,booking,no need other documents .We handle the export clerance for you.
   【Shipping date】 : Cut off on Tuesday and ship on Thusday in vessel ,cut off on Thursday and ship on Saturday ;10-11 days to door.
   【Deliver to door】: Delivering the cargo freely in singapore. For remote area ,need to pay delivery charges.
   【Freight included】:Including customs , document , dock  ,inspection charges and ocean freight ,delivery fee in Singapore ect.
   【Freight calculation】: freight = volume* unit freight ; 【overweight calculation : 1cbm=500kg , volume = actual weight/500kg】
    1.According to national laws , contraband goods including fake goods,liquid,powder ,flammable and combustible goods,medicine,foodstuff,battery which should tell us in advance otherwise you should take all reponsibility by yourself.
    2. Fragile items can not buy insurance.Please pack in good condition to protect them.
    3.All quotation don't  include customs duty ,customs fines and storage charges  which caused by  consignee .If consignee reject to pay ,it will automantically change to pay by shipper.
    4.Please provide formal invoice .otherwise it regard as authorize us to declare .If customs detained or delay  caused by declaration ,we are not responsible for illegally cause.
    5.The outer packing should wraped in waven bag.

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